Here’s my last blog post of the school year, and it’s been a studious month, indeed. I had a couple house projects and my annual articulation meeting in Casper. I haven’t much to show in the way of production, but it’s been a fruitful month in regard to applications (and seeing art in person!). Loyal readers know that determining exactly what to do with all the short animated pieces I’ve been exploring since grad school has been an ongoing challenge. Generally, I’ve battled the idea that my work is too digital for fine art exhibitions and too artsy for film festivals. This past month has called into question both sides of that thought. As of this post, I’ll have work in Oregon, Wyoming, Germany, and India (the former are juried art shows and the latter are film festivals). Anyway, it’s been a pleasant surprise. I’ll try to keep this momentum going, and I’ve got a few thoughts on how I just might.