I’m tying up some loose ends (just as I unravel some others). I completed Chapter 9 in Red’s Barbershop (some day I’ll determine the chronology of that project) and even went back to repackage a previous chapter into a slick, little animated loop. I’ve been researching and reaching out to see which galleries might be interested in that kind of work – with some success. I’ve also added a few installments to my ongoing “The Town” series. In this particular instance, I put together some pieces based on my current place(s) of residence, a former place of residence, and my current car. Working on both digital-based and physical-based bodies of work has proven to keep me more balanced, sane, and happy, so I’ll try to keep it up. I’ve edited / rendered / exported17 (of 21) art history videos. I also made a little time for pleasure and play. Paradoxically, I’ve felt more optimistic and satisfied with my life in general than in some time (in spite of the depressing political climate and related world events) and I plan on not overthinking that.