Summer time. I invested in summer planning, scheming, and goal-setting as the spring semester drew to a close to avoid the anxiety / ennui that can set in at the conclusion of a draining school year (Do you finally have studio time to explore those great ideas you’ve cultivated throughout the school year? Oh, wait… Your ideas are half-baked? Hmmm…). Thus far, I’ve had a disaster of a freelance project and some starts and stops with a printmaking portfolio piece (that I felt good about in the end) that have kept me from getting to said plans, schemes, goals - but everything in due time. I built my online art history class in the new learning management system for the summer session and painted a bathroom too. On the business / application side of the equation, I am reaping the rewards of film festivals and juried exhibitions I applied to in the past couple of months. It’s been exciting to exhibit art more consistently again, but I am motivated to start in on new work. I’m hoping to put together a solo show with new and newer work by summer’s end.