...And we're back for another spring semester. It was a splendid break. I saw my family back home and spent some quality time with my lady and my lady's family as well. I even managed to reflect on my life and refocus on some creative / professional goals, which can be exciting / intimidating / anxiety-inducing - all at the same time. Since completing my tenure as Department Chair and learning what I could from that experience, I’m now aiming to apply for more opportunities. I had a piece accepted into the Governor’s Capitol Art Exhibition (set to open next week in the Wyoming State Museum), and I’ve got a few other shows in the works I’ll reveal in due time. Finding where one’s work fits into the contemporary art world is tricky for anybody, and I’m hopeful there are plenty more venues out there interested in illustration, animation, and new media (even if it means I’ll be overlooking more traditional juried shows curated by 9th generation Abstract Expressionists – not that I don’t dig some of that work too). I’ve felt good about my creative output and investigation of new (to me) ideas, techniques, and media, but I’ve slowed down on the business end of things. I’m looking to reverse - even as I’ve been editing my art history lectures into neat and tidy videos for my students and otherwise prepping my four classes. Spring will be here soon too (but spring won't be here too soon - wink).