It was a tough month. The only grandpa I ever knew passed away. He was a remarkable combination of strength and kindness. He farmed his own land, built his own house, and crisscrossed this nation with Grandma in their motor home well into their 80's. He mowed his enormous 2.5 acre property to the very end. He was the most formidable Dr. Mario player I've ever encountered. He was an excellent woodsmith. He stained / caulked his home well into his 80's. He was gentle with children. He had a great sense of humor and a firm handshake. I'll miss him (especially around the holidays). On the sunnier side, I did make it back home for Thanksgiving, enjoyed an Iowa football shellacking of Ohio State (and endured the misery of a loss to Purdue in my first trip to Kinnick with Dad in eleven years), and drew some comics.