Oh, jeez… I’m going to give myself the benefit of the doubt here and point out that animation takes forever. With that in mind, I present to you four more animated pieces (which are part of the new animated chapter in “Red’s Barbershop”). I feel reasonably good about them, and I’m looking forward to seeing all nine separate pieces working together in one animated composition.

(Ed. Note – I’m going to interrupt myself here. I would be remiss to neglect the fact that I’m posting this after the American presidential election. What I remember feeling most strongly that night was shock, sadness, and disappointment – I had 2004 flashbacks. I’m working through the stages of grief and have been coping by making non-publishable political satire art (yeah - let’s call it that). Hope didn’t die that day, however, and I’m positive about the future. It helps to heed President Obama’s advice in taking “the long view.” Even still...)

Chin up.