Holy smokes - it’s May. Soon enough I’ll be gallivanting about town at all hours of the day (even if those days happen to be weekdays), as summer will be upon us in two short weeks. To earn my break, however, I’ll need to work through a cruel amount of grading. Although I don’t think this summer will include a trip as spectacular as last (I’m looking at you, Japan), I’ve got a couple road trip ideas – especially as I now I have a dependable vehicle (see April’s Blog). What do I have to show for myself this past month in the creative realm? Well, I felt I was getting too comfortable with my GOP drawings (plus, I’d hit 30 portraits, which seems like a good number to pause on), so I started on some editorial illustrations. They’re loosely based on various news articles, and I’m trying to push myself in terms of style / technique and by combining digital / traditional means to construct images. Let’s just say my scanner is getting a workout. Furthermore, there may be some exciting materials purchases on the horizon at the college, so I might have even more tools to explore. More on that this summer. Meanwhile, go Bulls!