Time MARCHES on. Sadly, that may be the second best pun I came up with all week (the best comprising a Microsoft Outlook themed pun that came about after sending an errant meeting invite – these are truly exciting times). March can be deceptive. The weather has been warm, but I suspect we’ve a serious snowstorm or two left in us (see above for a 12+ inch storm that piled onto existing snow and led to school cancellations). We’ll also spring forward (which is one my favorite weekends of the year). Spring Break arrives this month, but it merely represents midterms - there’s a hunk of the semester still to work with. There’s also a hunk of the campaign season to work with. This past month has marked presidential primary / caucus season, and I responded in kind by creating a dozen(ish) GOP portraits. I anticipate throwing back to past election cycles (I’m looking at you, Herman Cain), oddball political figures (expect a Robert Bork soon), and Democratic candidates as well before I move to something else. Right on cue, I’m going to head to the Colorado Caucus this evening, which makes my 4th caucus attendance (the previous 3 were in Iowa, and 1 of them was as an observer - given my brief Ohio residency). More after the jump.