A quick note before I hop in the car and drive to Iowa for the 4th. June is often the most summery of the summer months for me, as I encounter the midpoint between commencement and fall in-service (and have a full month of July before summer is in my rearview mirror). Summer is also my offseason, so I make a more concerted effort to polish a specific aspect or two of my art game – and occasionally find modest success. In this offseason, I’ve explored some of the illustration techniques / styles I turned toward in the spring and revisited some animation vignettes I’ve taken up in the past. Between basketball and brews at the bar, I’ve drawn / animated some cool winter scenes on these hot summer days (and sprinkled in some Colorado landscapes and animal animations, to boot). It’s been a spell since I’ve taken on a long-term project, and I’ve got half a mind to take one up.