The equinox came and went, so we’ve hit my favorite season. I’m already beginning to feel less inclined to walk around in my undies, as the nights especially have cooled off. I’ve got an exhibition at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside coming up this month, so the lion’s share of this post is going to revolve around those preparations. I fly out on the 16th and return on the 20th (just in time for my critique in 2D!). I’ll install my show, participate in student critiques, give a presentation on my work, and attend my opening while I’m there. I’ve nearly completed all the cars and apartments from my past, and I’ll see what I can’t do about sneaking in a few more needle-felted objects as well. There should be a decent mix of collages, prints, objects, projected animations, and (possibly) some sort of painting on the gallery walls. In the meantime, we’re going to hit midterms, and I’ve got to put together the fall 2016 schedule for art, theater, music, humanities, and philosophy. See you next time.