It was a memorable month in a multitude of ways. On the school side of the equation, I've been granted tenure at LCCC. I don't know that I can find the words to put that in perspective, so I'm not going to try. I'll simply say that it's not something I could have aniticipated a short four summers ago after spending an academic year applying for 130ish teaching jobs - and having heard back from so few. Also, I've completed my first year as Department Chair. It kind of feels like I've spent the past two semesters stepping out of Plato's allegorical cave... But enough of that sappy reflection stuff! I've also gotten back to my one-page-per week regiment in Red's Barbershop, and managed to have fun reimagining some old apartment decor on top of that. I also attended an education conference at WICHE (in Boulder) to discuss learning outcomes for general education categories (and other such exciting education topics!). Can you believe it'll be summer when I next post?