sorry for my delayed post folks, but i was kind of putting this here newfangled site together! i anticipated finding the time and gumption to make the website rebuild happen this summer, but here we are. we had a good run with the previous site, but it was starting to look its age (spring of 2008!). a lot has happened to these internets in the past 7 years, and i might as well reflect that. in regard to the images you’re seeing, i’ve got some shots around campus (office signage and the water fountain i inadvertently broke last december). i’m also including some art-esque items that resulted from preparing for a reductive carving project in my 3D class (i even picked up a dremmel tool that i haven’t quite made the time to use yet). i got a little inky after ordering a couple new sable brushes, and i cleaned up for the annual governor’s arts awards (attended by business / industry leaders, politicians, and artists alike). look out for some new work in my long-running, occasionally extant red’s barbershop next month. i'm in the mood.