It’s time for the summer edition of this blog (technically, the solstice is on the 21st of this month – but you know what I mean)! I’m teaching online this summer (potentially two classes), and I’m sure admin work won’t let me steer clear of the college for too long, but I haven’t a contract day for a short spell here. To start things off, I finished things up in Chapter 6 of “Red’s Barbershop.” I completed the tedious touch-up work just today, s’matter of fact. I’m sure I’ll find a continuity error or something else that irritates me in need of correction soon… But it’s complete for now! I’ve also included a rough idea for a GIF I anticipate fleshing out in the next couple of weeks that was inspired by this recent chapter. I figure I’ll take on another “Daniel” chapter before going back to the eponymous character. It seems I spent enough time on this chapter that the digital gods were going glitchy on me. Also, I went to Austin! Ostensibly, I was there to attend NISOD. I picked up my fair share of pedagogy and made some time to explore the place too. My visit coincided with national newsworthy rain / flooding, so my hopes of breaking from the unusual wet weather in Ft. Collins were dashed. Furthermore, humidity is hard. I think I’ll continue this traveling streak with a trip to Japan. More on that in a future installment… Finally, I picked up a suede bomber jacket (just in time for summer!). You’ve got to take advantage of a good deal when it comes your way. Fall Daniel will thank me, anyway.