Spring is upon us, and with it a sense of rebirth and renewal – also, SPRING BREAK!!!!! I used mine to travel back to Knoxville – a little town in the southeast that has a special place in mine own heart. It had been a heap of awhile (summer ’11) since I’d been back to the place of my grad school edification, and it was an emotional and happy homecoming. The city seems on the up-and-up, and the SGCI conference was stellar – a tribute to the good folks in the School of Art at the University of Tennessee. In preparation for my panel at the conference, I did a spit shine on the shoes. In preparation for future travels, I updated my passport (see 22 and 32 year old versions me after the break). In terms of my own art production, I wrote, storyboarded, conducted color tests, and did some character design for the new chapter in Red’s Barbershop (starring me). I’m sure I’ll crank out a page or two by month’s end. It sincerely feels great to get back to that project! Other items of note include more sculptural work (needle felted and carved) for “the town” and a sketch for a piece of kitschy kitchen décor I came across when investigating source material of the old family apartment.